Bring Nature to Mind

Plant forms are an asset in almost any space and do not have to be live plants to bring nature to mind. They may be preserved foliage, branches, artificial plants or dried materials. Our repertoire has been broadened by using material that does not require as much light or maintenance as live plant material yet adds a freshness to any indoor environment.

I'm not talking plastic here

Fishtail Palm

Palms are a favorite and there are so many kinds! We use living palms a lot but it can be fun to have varieties that thrive in the tropics but can be prone to trouble inside in our dry buildings. And some “fake” varieties look more realistic than others. Let us show you the ones that won’t look like plastic and could fool you and your employees and clients.

Meadow Grass

Elements such as faux or preserved grasses, branches, vines and rocks grace any space you want! Tight spots, rooms with lights rarely on, somewhere needing a subtle touch can echo the natural forms of living nature to evoke calm and beauty.

Faux in wood

Faux succulents are best because living ones have a waxy look to them anyway! The biggest mistake people make with succulents is having them in low light. Real ones won’t thrive in anything less than bright light. These are a great substitute when you want these pudgy beauties anywhere away from bright light.

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