Plants for Healthiness and Happiness

Plants contribute a natural beauty to our working environment, giving us a break from our digitized lives. The term biophilia, refers to our hard-wired connection to nature. Plants are an integral part of biophilic design which supports well-being, productivity and creativity. We have an innate need for green living things, clean water and air. Interior plants must be ultra-efficient at processing the gasses for photosynthesis, getting a fraction of the light that outdoor plants get. This gives them a great potential for absorbing indoor pollutants, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene which can be emitted from carpets, office equipment and paint. AND in return, plants gift us with more oxygen.

Plants make us feel better! Data has shown that our blood pressure lowers and our stress level, as measured by skin conductivity, decreases. We have fewer sore throats and headaches, and absenteeism goes down in workplaces with plants.

Plants absorb sound and provide living visual barriers for working privacy, immediately increasing comfort levels for employees.

Plants help us perform better! Studies have quantified performance on computer tasks, concentration, and memory improve, and collaboration is enhanced. Plants give our eyes and minds a rest from the screens which we are staring much of the day.

Return On Investment

Workplace Productivity Improvements

With plants present, we experience:

  • 12% increased productivity
  • 15% higher levels of well being
  • 15% higher levels of creativity
  • 19% improvement in concentration

Workers in offices with poor light and without greenery use more sick leave.

  • 88% of workers say having access to natural indoor elements increase their level of wellbeing.
  • Plants at work are significant in employee perceptions of comfort, friendliness and freshness.
  • 97% of employees would like to have more plants in the workplace.

The cost of human capital in the workplace is 10X that of other operating expenses. Indoor plants provide a huge return on investment (ROI)

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