Your Very Own Horticultural Consultant Onsite

Whether we have installed new plants or have taken over the service of your existing plants, our trained staff applies the science and art of plant care to keep your plants beautiful, healthy and a complement to your working spaces. We guarantee it! We promptly replace any plants not up to our high standards for appearance and health at no extra charge.

You can depend on our professional staff to be reliable, knowledgeable and competent caretakers of the plants, making regular visits without interrupting your workflow. We are committed to your health as well, and use only non-toxic methods to keep the plants and air clean and an asset to your environment.

Let The Experts Do It!

Plant maintenance is much more than pouring water on a plant! Pruning to maintain the desired size and shape of the plants is just one of our tasks when we visit.

 Every plant is tested for moisture and inspected for any problems so that we can assure their ongoing good looks. Otherwise we replace the plant under our replacement guarantee.

We delight in finding the perfect plant for each setting and make sure those specimen plants are getting all they need to be just the right accent to your formal board room or relaxed break area.

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