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We are dedicated to making your commercial environment greener, healthier and more productive while being welcoming to everyone who passes through your doors.

Benefit of Plants

Benefits of Plants

Plants contribute natural beauty to our working environment, as well as the health benefits of cleaning the air, adding oxygen and humidity, and absorbing sound.

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Benefit of Plants


Your environment inside can be energized with living foliage and flowers, preserved mosses or replicas of all of the above.  Plants à la carte draws from the best growers in the country, custom container manufacturers throughout the world and natural elements, both local and exotic.  Tell us what your vision is and we will tell you what is out there that can fulfill it.

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Show us what your spaces are or will be and we can design an interior landscape with you that complements any architectural style or desired ambience.  We expertly install your choices and maintain them to stay a thriving enhancement to your surroundings. Our resident elves can add festivity for the holidays. We love to spread the joy of nurturing plants and making natural creations in workshops. Seasonal exterior container plantings add explosions of color to your entrances or patios.

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Design Service with Every Quote

We will provide custom designs with photographs of your spaces with pictures of plants and decorative containers digitally inserted. You will see EXACTLY what your office will look like with plants that will complement your space for years to come.  We can show you alternative plans so that you have different options.

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