What are the best plants for my space?

Here are a few of our favorite plants which thrive in our clients’ facilities.

An important key to their long term health and beauty is considering their varying preferences for light, temperature & humidity.

Ask us about the best choices for your environment.

Plants in Common Areas

Yucca Cane

This is an easy plant to maintain as long as it has lots of light. We like using them in lobbies where the temperatures veer from hot to cold through the New England seasons. Most other semitropical plants won’t put up with those swings but the yucca with its sword like leaves and interesting trunk design don’t complain.

Sago Palm

This is one of the most ancient plants around since prehistoric times. We chose this plant for a glass building opposite the Peabody Museum of Natural History, known for its dinosaur exhibits so the sago palm seemed only fitting. They complement the curving seating and walls of this distinctive architectural gem of a building.

Snake Plant

Otherwise known as sanseveria or mother-in-law's tongue (we won't get into why!), is elegantly simple. It's vertical soft curves, yet chunky leaves can be lovely in a tall tapered pot or form a pragmatic hedge in a long rectangular planter to outline a gathering area or give privacy.

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