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Evocative of woodlands, rich textures and natural colors, framed moss art offers an elemental way to connect with the outdoors. Handcrafted pieces, using sustainably harvested real mosses, and local bark, lichen and fungus are one of a kind treasures. They are created with preserved materials and are virtually maintenance free, needing no misting or watering. Allow us to create for you a truly unique piece of art for your staff to rest their eyes upon between screen times and for your visitors to enjoy as a delightful reminder of the natural world.

Our Elements of Choice


So many true ferns preserved to last along with other seed and flower possibilities


Different types of mosses range from mounds with natural highlights to loose swirls of vivid greens

Reindeer Moss

Soft and pillowy cushions that are actually a kind of lichen, in natural beige which readily takes on many permanent dye colors

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