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Linda Bray, President

Our Passion

At Plants à la carte, we are passionate about plants and their beneficial effects on people. As professional interior landscapers, we bring buildings to life with the inclusion of healthy, vibrant plants. We are contributing to better indoor air quality, a connection to nature, and a more inviting atmosphere for people to gather, interact, and work productively. Our field experience and ongoing research into both local and worldwide trends allows our clients to receive the best in available plants, design, containers, and plant care practices.


For over 25 years, staff at Plants à la carte has overseen plantscapes in diverse Connecticut locations, ranging from large corporations, atriums, restaurants, and hotels to small branch offices. Whether your needs are large and complex, sophisticated or simple, we offer intelligent and creative solutions. Our customized plantscape designs provide choices to fit an incredible variety of décors and budgets. We follow through with professional installations and plant service to which our clients can attest. Our experience enables us to know what is going to thrive in any interior environment so that your investment looks good for the long term.

All Plants à la carte staff, from the president to the technicians, are always available to share their knowledge and experience as horticultural consultants for any questions about plant care, propagation, and the benefits of plants.

Commitment to Green

Through ecologically sound business practices, we are committed to creating a greener environment for people in their workspaces and, in the larger picture, contributing to a healthier world. Our plant care techniques, which include non-toxic preventative measures and organically-based fertilizers, maximize the health and well-being of the plants and the people around them. We support the inclusion of interior plants in the WELL buildings program, and are a longtime member of Green Plants for Green Buildings, and are certified to train in the Certified Education Credits Program for the AIA.

Worry-Free Vendor

We make our client's job easier by taking full responsibility for the plants. Our choices of plants suited to your environment, dependable ongoing service, anticipation of problems, swift response to rare concerns and attention to detail, gives our clients at least one worry-free vendor. Our preventative maintenance keeps plants healthy and attractive, our service visits are regular, and client work continues uninterrupted.

Our Team

Plants Lovers

Everyone at Plants à la carte is here because we love plants and delight in finding plants which will thrive in each environment.  We bring a breath of fresh air to any place we can.

Plant Caretakers

As experts at pruning, fertilizing, irrigating and cleaning plants, we guarantee that your plants from Plants à la carte continue to add beauty and life to every location. Every plant is prepped for its long-term home in your space and maintained with our frequent visits.

Botanical Artists

The opportunity to use all kinds of botanical elements such as mosses and branches to create even more ways to add natural forms to your environment really gets our energy flowing and trust it will for you too!

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