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Living walls never fail to make a strong, immediate impression on anyone who first comes upon one. Visitors and employees are awed by the vertical expanse of several, hundreds or thousands of plants. The mystery of keeping the beauty of living walls vibrant and healthy is a matter of engineering and horticultural expertise which we are well acquainted after several years of installing and operating living walls. We have designed and maintained walls ranging from 20 square feet to over 400 square feet. We can custom design a living green wall that fits your vision, space and budget.

Living, Breathing, Eye Popping

Two sided room divider

Living walls can be mobile and free standing to be positioned wherever they can facilitate social distancing, absorb sound, divide a space, provide privacy and give visual pleasure at the same time!

Versatile shapes

Living walls can be long, seemingly to stretch as far as you can see, or multiple stories high. Either way the impact is immediate, visceral and memorable

Living wall designs

These are created in many shades of green, silver, white and even red. The individual plants can be popped out to change up the designs. They can be as trim geometric patterns, flowing waves or a meadow-like mix of textures and colors.

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